About us

During the last decade the Steelinvest Group has endeavoured to serve steel consumers and represent the interests of a number of the most professional steelproducers. The Group’s experience in logistics and its growing strength in supporting financing solutions has given it the opportunity to expand from its origins in marketing steel products to European consumers.

With a strong emphasis on procurement agreements and partnerships,the Group is sourcing internationally, especially in the markets of the Caribbean and Central America, the Indian subcontinent, China and Indonesia for sales into the European and other markets.

The Group is fortunate in having been given support in steel supply from mills who continuously demonstrate their high standards of professionalism and their commitment to the international steel market. These include Jindal South West of India, AHMSA of Mexico, Gunawan Dianjaya Steel of Indonesia to name a few who have international recognition of their continuing commitment to quality and performance. These are the standards that Steelinvest strive to reflect on their behalf. We hope that we may be of support in providing connections and services for you, whether you are a producer or a consumer of steel products, and that we can work alongside you to find the answers to your needs.