Steelinvest was established in 2002 when the founders acted on their belief that the steel and related raw materials trading sector needed a service group focused on de-risking trade flows throughout the supply chain, rather than speculation and position taking. They believed it important to be independent in the provision of these services.

In the intervening years, the Group has developed an international, full-service steel and steel-making raw materials trading capability.


Far more than a traditional commodity trading group, Steelinvest increasingly provides advanced finance solutions to suppliers and customers, as well as comprehensive logistics management services to its trade counter-parties. We believe that to consistently improve the processes integral to seamless execution, an efficient support network for suppliers and customers is paramount. We are constantly pioneering new transaction structures, uniquely designed to the specific circumstances of our trade counter-parties, to protect value throughout the supply chain.


To achieve global scale and reach, across a comprehensive range of steel products and raw materials, the group has developed a distinctive business model, entering into exclusive partnerships with entrepreneurial trading teams with established and well developed trade flows. We provide these teams with a full-service trading platform (including operations, finance & insurance), trade finance lines and a strong product sourcing capability. In return, these partners provide us with vastly increased sales distribution coverage.

All trading strictly adheres to Steelinvest’s comprehensive risk management procedures and conservative, back-to-back trade methodology.


Today, Steelinvest has established offices in Antwerp, Dallas, Delhi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Houston, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Mumbai, Pretoria, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Vitoria, providing the group with comprehensive coverage of all the main commodity sourcing, steel producing and consuming regions in the world.


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